The New Home Construction Management Process

If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well

At Demlang Builders, we aren’t a production builder. While we have a set of semi-custom homes – ones that are easily modified, we give people that “individually designed feel” throughout the building experience. From our decades-long trade contractor relationships to the products we choose to put in our homes, we follow that simple rule. From relationships, to project management software and more, our goal is to do well by you and your new home.

A lot goes into managing new home construction. In fact, did you know that between 200 and 300 people are involved in each Demlang home? And that’s just the start. There’s materials to source and order. Inspections to schedule and pass. Financing draws to process and collect. And, of course weather plays a big role. It takes a lot to be good at juggling all those things, and having built new homes for decades we’ve had a lot of practice!

Build in the cloud and make your new home build an organized success.

The New Home Building Process

Many people tell us they’ve heard horror stories and enter the building process “on the edge,” but building the future home for your family should be a fun and memorable experience.

We believe that construction management is the key to success in the new home building industry. Having built decades long relationships with our partners allows us to simplify scheduling, pricing, and quality control throughout the construction of your new home.

Chill. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. Relax. Our team combines a laid-back worry-free approach with a strong respect and strict control of quality to each new home we build. It’s the perfect balance for a stress-free building experience.

  • Floor Plan Selection

  • Customization

  • Lot Selection & Evaluation

  • Financing & Contracts

  • Material Selections

  • Excavation & Foundation

  • Framing & Rough Carpentry

  • Roofing, Windows & Siding

  • Rough Plumbing & Electric

  • HVAC & Mechanicals

  • Insulation

  • Drywall & Paint

  • Cabinetry & Countertops

  • Flooring

  • Hardware & Fixtures

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Clean & Walk Throughs

  • Warranty & Support

  • Closing

Custom, Cloud-based Project Management App

As users of a custom cloud-based software package, the latest in project management, we have the ability to easily share important documents, provide updates and photos, and manage deadlines throughout the entire building experience.

Contracts & Documents

Building plans, contracts, and other documents are stored here for easy access by you, us, and our partners.


Updates come to you 24/7 via the app, so we can stay in touch even on nights and weekends.


Photo sharing and image markup is a great way to share updates even if you can’t always visit the jobsite.


Each phase of the building process is scheduled out on the calendar, allowing you and our partners to plan.

Checklists & To-Do's

This feature is especially helpful as your project comes to an end, final details are documented and assigned.


Ongoing warranty and service concerns are handled through the same cloud based software.

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