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Build On Your Own Lot or Lean On Us to Find The Perfect Fit

Maybe you purchased or inherited a parcel of land that you’d love to call home, or you’ve got your eye on a hidden gem of a location but haven’t made a move yet. Or, maybe you simply know that you want to build your next house, but don’t want to be locked into a subdivision with restrictions or architectural controls. We can build on your lot.

Whether you’re just starting to look for available land or you already own the ideal lot, Demlang can build you a beautiful new family home on any property you call your own. If you haven’t purchased a lot yet, we can help you consider your options and find a slice of land that you’ll love.

Let our deep expertise in land, lots, and new construction guide you toward owning a true-to-you home on whatever lot you choose.

Interested in subdivision lots for sale?

Demlang offers homesites in subdivisions across Southeast Wisconsin. Each subdivision is fully developed and ready for your new Demlang home. When we have lots for sale, our sales team is ready to find and help you purchase the right lot for you and your family.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Land

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    Can You Build a Home on This Property?

    Not every piece of land is suitable for a new family home. The typography, soil conditions, groundwater, and local flora and fauna can all factor into the land’s usability. Our team will answer your questions and help you evaluate a parcel.

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    Are There Zoning or Permit Restrictions?

    The local municipality determines how a piece of land can be used. Your lot needs to be zoned for single-family residential use for you to build your new home on it. We’ll also want to check for any concerns with protected wildlife or preservation areas.

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    Where Should Your Home Be Placed?

    On a typical subdivision lot, it’s usually a simple task to determine the best placement for a home. If you have a sprawling piece of land in an undeveloped rural area, this can be tricky! We’ll help you make the best choice to make good use of your land.

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    How Are Utility Services Coordinated?

    Your new home will need access to gas, electric, and well/septic service–everything you’d expect in a move-in ready subdivision. Coordinating these utilities is complex and can get very expensive if it’s not done properly. Our team helps you get it right the first time.

Benefits of Building on Your Own Land

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    Ultimate Flexibility & Control

    Building on your own land offers the flexibility to have a home that’s truly yours. You won’t have to contend with as many architectural controls and regulations from a municipality, subdivision, or homeowner’s association. Build the home you want!

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    Get More for Your Money

    Larger lots. More available land. Greater freedom to build your home how you like. Get more bang for your buck when you build in a rural area or far-flung suburb. That way, you save your money for the home features you really care about.

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    Enjoy the Extras

    Want an outbuilding for your workshop? A large garage for tinkering? How about recreational vehicles or your own garden and livestock? The relaxed regulations for rural properties give you the freedom to have the features and extras that you’ve dreamed about.

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    Lower Impact Fees

    One of the greatest parts of building in a rural community is that you can save substantially on impact fees. Some areas even offer to waive impact fees entirely to entice new residents to move there. That’s several thousand dollars back in your pocket!

The Benefits of an Experienced Builder Partner

Why You Should Work With Demlang To Build on Your Lot


A Team of Licensed Realtors

Our New Construction Specialists can assist you through every step of the way when you purchase your lot or land, from searching available property listings to writing offers and everything in between. They are licensed real estate professionals (not just salespeople) who understand the land buying process. That means a simpler, more streamlined process for you.

Decades of Knowledge

Trust an experienced partner to guide you through the entire process of building on your lot, from choosing the right land to moving into your brand new home. Demlang Builders has been improving land and building homes for four decades. Our team is well-versed in the many intricacies and challenges of new land and is happy to lend our expertise at every point along the way.

Rural Project Management Expertise

Home construction has a lot of moving parts. Rural construction is even more complex! Our project management team knows how to keep the process moving smoothly, even when your in-progress home is many miles away. We coordinate closely with our network of trade partners on all the specifications, requirements, and steps that keep your home build moving forward.

Custom-built Experience

We have a full lineup of beautiful floor plans to choose from, but your home design doesn’t stop there. Demlang creates a “custom-built” experience for every home, letting you add personal touches that your family will love. Want that extra-tall garage for your RV or a home theatre for movie night? We can make it happen. With the flexibility that undeveloped land offers, the options are limitless.

Ready to build or find your land? Contact our team to get started.

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