Demlang, Wisconsin's Northwoods home builder

Your Northwoods Wisconsin Home Builder

Building your Northwoods home should be fun.

Escape. We’re pretty sure if you look it up in the dictionary, that’s what “Northwoods” means. At Demlang Builders, we have over 15 years experience building many “Escapes” in the Vilas, Oneida, Forest, Lincoln, Langlade, and Shawano counties.

Whether you’re looking to build your dream home in the South or your escape in the North, Demlang can make it happen seamlessly and efficiently. As involved owners, Rod and Colleen Demlang have come to appreciate the small town atmosphere, midwestern communities and relationships across the state of Wisconsin. From the loons on the lake, to miles and miles of biking, snowmobile or hiking trails, the Northwoods lifestyle can allow you to get away and enjoy time with family and friends.

Let us help you create your campfire building, canoe paddling, labrador retrieving escape to the Northwoods.

North or South - We’re Wisconsin’s Home Building Team

Be it North or South, with decades of experience under our roof, we’re proud to be Wisconsin’s Home Building Team. We bring our decades of home building excellence, onsite owner-involvement, design, and project management North to you, making the Northwoods building experience as seamless as our home builds.

But, there’s something a little different about building your home away from home. You can’t always be on site as much, it is harder to get progress updates, and as the seasons change in the woods or on the lake new opportunities present themselves all the time.

That’s why we embrace the role of “Wisconsins’ Home Building Team.” Whether it is North, South or in-between we bring the best in management, design, and team to your new home build.

Meet Our Team
  • Cloud-based Project Management App

    Our custom app allows you to avoid traveling back and forth during construction and stay updated on the status of your Northwoods build. Receive photos, daily logs, and more right on your phone or computer.

  • The Best Trade Contractors

    One of the benefits of building across the State of Wisconsin is our extensive network of trade contractors. Whether it is working with a local supplier in the Northwoods or sourcing products or services from our partners in Southeast Wisconsin, we bring the best partners to the table.

  • Onsite Owner Involvement

    Just because your project is up North doesn’t mean it’s managed from a distance. We are onsite on a regular basis ensuring quality, timeline and every last detail is cared for in person.

  • Unique Product Selections

    The Northwoods escape often requires a different design touch. We can help you select materials, finishes and fixtures that highlight your love of nature, Wisconsin and the Northwoods.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about our process and homes.